Best Business, Investing & Personal Finance Book for Wealth Building & Becoming Rich

By Kapil Arya

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5 July 2021
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Why Peoples Love Arthamedha?

10 Years Research

Arthamedha is result of 10 Years of Research

Realistic Approach

Arthamedha focus on the real situation of the financial struggler

Practical Advice

Arthamedha does not give motivational and entertaining Advice

Is Arthamedha’s price high?

By following the principles explained in Arthamedha, you will develop the ability to solve the problems that you face throughout your life, which will make your life happy. Apart from this, in the whole life you will get benefit of at least 2000 times the price of the book in the form of money or there will be protection from loss or both because of greater benifits Arthamedha's price is cheap.

Book Discription

Personal finance book Arthamedha written by Kapil Arya is best guide book for Making Money, Wealth Building, Becoming Rich, Business and Investing Success. Because by following the principles explained in Arthamedha, If there is no money it will come and if there is it will increase. So read Arthamedha book to earn money and increase wealth.

Large numbers of people run to achieve goal and destination of becoming rich, wealthy and financially free, but one time feel frustrated that they are reaching nowhere in life because they do not have right kind of knowledge, thinking, skill & strategy to becoming rich and wealthy. So after 10 years of research on rich and wealthy people author Kapil Arya has been written Arthamedha which help them to be rich and live dream life what they want. The principles of wealth creation and management explained in Arthamedha are more important for those people who are unemployed or are not able to earn much money or those who earn more but are not able to increase it, because by following the principles of wealth creation and management, if money is not there then it comes and if it is there then it increases.

How to Become Rich, Wealthy and Financially Free?


Learn Arthamedha Regular


Always Work on Principles


Do Regular What You Learn


Follow The Paths & Be Rich & Successful

Who Should Read Arthamedha?

Working Professionals

What Will You Learn?

Chapter 1

अगर अमीर बनने से समस्या सुलझती तो हम करोड़पति हैं ।

Chapter 2

अधिकांश लोग आर्थिक रूप से संघर्ष क्यों करते है?

Chapter 3

सुखद और सफल जीवन का आधार ।

Chapter 4

लोगों को अमीर और गरीब बनाने वाला माइंडसेट।

Chapter 5

अमीर और गरीब के कैश का फ्लो।

Chapter 6

धन निर्माण के मूलभूत सिद्धांत।

Chapter 7

धन निर्माण के खेल में विजेता बनने की रणनीतियां।

Chapter 8

लोगों को अमीर और गरीब बनाने वाला खर्च

Chapter 9

जल्दी से बहुत अमीर बनने का फॉर्मूला।

Chapter 10

बिना धन शून्य से शुरुआत करने का फॉर्मूला।

What Benefits You Will Enjoy by Following Principles Eexplained in Arthamedha?

Earn Lots of Money and Become Rich.

Become Financially Free and Secure

Full Fill your Dream and Live High quality Life as Per your Choice.

Give Happy, Safe & Secure Life to Your Family

Achieve Great Growth & Higher Profits in Your Career and Business

Get Higher Returns at Lower Risk and Multiply your Wealth.

Avoid the Uncertainty and Instability of Your Unemployment and Business

Find New Opportunities For Employment Business and Investment

Get Rid of Debt Trap and Avoid Getting Trapped in Debt Trap

Multiply Your Money Productivity

What is Social Benefits of Arthamedha?

Freedom from poverty and unemployment

Freedom from crime and corruption

Freedom from violence conflict and hate

Top Reasons Why You Should Read Arthamedha ?

Arthamedha means science of money. The more knowledge you have of the science of money, the more you will be able to earn money and the more money you will be able to increase. Along with this...

You can feel greater financial peace and confidence inside you.

You can better on the path of progress.

You can become rich in short of time span.

You can gain more profits and growths.

You can solve your financial problems easily.

You can get more financial security and freedom.

On the contrary, if you have less knowledge of the science of money, the more the opposite will happen. Due to which your loss will increase, time and effort will also increase in becoming rich.

Readers Review

What did you think?


To be rich you must have three things desire, knowledge and action. If you have desire and action than you need knowledge.

Just like you cannot run the car withou learning, same as you cannot be rich without learning.

Need Help to Making Any Decisions